Syncline Films is committed to providing responsive, personalized customer service. With the highest standards and a diverse range of broadcast gear, Syncline Films has the flexibility and knowledge to offer equipment rental services on any scale, from a camera kit in any format to a complete television production unit. This means that you’ll always get prompt delivery, on-time pickup and accurate billing statements. In addition, our experienced technicians perform regularly scheduled maintenance and test all equipment prior to delivery. This ensures that the equipment you order is in proper working condition when it arrives at your location.

The equipment listed below can be made available to you at short notice in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any location across India either through our inventory or sourced through our alliances.

Camera Units

Arri Alexa SXT
Sony PDW-F700 (XDCAM)
Sony PMW-300
Canon C300 Mark II Super 35mm
Blackmagic Cinema 4K
Canon XF305
Canon 5D Mark III SLR
Sony PXM-X200
Sony A7S
Canon EOS-1D C
Gopro Hero 3, 3+, 4
Canon EOS Digital 5D Mark III
Canon XF-105E


Arri Fujinon Alura 45-250mm T2.6 Zoom Lens
Set of Arri Ultra Primes T1.9
Set of Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed T1.5 Lenses
Canon HJ 11×4.7 HD Lens
Canon HJ22 7.6x168mm HD Lens
Canon Zoom Lens EF 16 to 35 mm, f2.8 L Series, IS USM
Canon Zoom Lens EF 24 to 70 mm
Canon Zoom Lens EF 70 to 200 mm

Sound Equipment

Sound Device 552 Portable Audio Mixer (5 Channel)
Zoom H6 handy Recorder
SKP-300 G3 Plug In Transmitter
Sound Devices 744T Timecode Recorder
Sennheiser EW Series (Non Diversity) Radio Mic Kit
Sennheiser Handheld Radio Mic (for EW Series)
Shure SM58 Microphone
PA System
Sony ECM-77b Mic
Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
Sennheiser mics – ME 66, MKH 416, 500 series
Sound device 302 field audio mixer
Yamaha Audio Mixer
Sennheiser Cordless Lapel mic



TV Logic LMV-232 Monitor
TV Logic Vfm-058W Monitor
Sony LMD-940/941 Monitor
Sony LMD 9050 Monitor
Kroma 18” HD Monitor
Alphatron View Finder
Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q Recorder/Monitor
O’Connor 2575 Head
Arri Ff5 Follow focus unit
Sachtler Video 18P head
Prosup Laptop Dolly & Track System
Prosup Laptop Dolly
Prosup Tango Slider Kit
Prosup E-JIB Extension
Manfrotto 504 Tripod Kit
Red Rock matt Box
Studio Assist Tripod
Steady Cam
DJI Ronin M
Manfrotto 501 Tripod Kit
Sachter tripod Kit
E-Imaga GH03 Tripod Kit

Switcher And Converters

Panasonic MX-100 Switcher
Data Video SE-2800 Switcher
Balckmagic HDMI/SDI Convertor
Data Video HDMI/HD-SDI Converter
Talk back system
Video Distributor
Switcher-Blackmagic Atem Production Studio 4k



KINO 4ft. 4 Bank & ballast
Kino flo 2ft. 4Bank
Dedo Light Kit
LED Light 1×1
Fresnel Light
Fresnel LED Light
Joker 200/400